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Schott Cold Light Sources

Stock Specification

The KL300 LED cold light source uses cold light to illuminate all types of objects in industrial and life science applications. It is an attractive alternative to conventional halogen cold light sources.

Its brightness is equivalent to a 30-watt halogen cold light source. Therefore, it is optimized as a standard illumination system for the requirements of routine microscopes.

The KL 300 LED has a smart design and can be mounted to any microscope stand or used as a stand-alone illumination device.


  • extremely long lifetime, at least 50,000 hours
  • 80 percent lower energy consumption compared to conventional halogen light sources, additional potential to save money
  • emits white light
  • no change of color temperature while dimming the light source
  • higher light intensities can be focused to a very small field of view
  • each light guide of the KL 300 series can be connected to the KL 300 LED
  • offers simple operation



PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description SpecificationProduct Type Unit Price Data
120300SCHOTT KL300 LED100 - 240vcold light source£355.00pdf

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KL300 LED Lightguides & Accessories

PART NO.QTYBASKETQUOTESpecificationProduct TypeUnit PriceDescriptionData
120225to fit column 25mm diacolumn mount£36.00Mounting bracketpdf
120229to fit column 30mm diacolumn mount£36.00Mounting bracketpdf
120232to fit column 32mm diacolumn mount£36.00Mounting bracketpdf
120235to fit column 35mm diacolumn mount£36.00Mounting bracketpdf
120250to fit base 158340base mount bracket£50.00Mounting bracketpdf
1204023.5 / 500mm + 5.0 / 600use with 122150 tl stage£172.001 arm gooseneck + 1 arm flexiblepdf
1211014.5mm dia / 600mm longsingle arm puravis£53.001 arm flexiblepdf
157040internal dia 40mmringlight puravis£520.00annular ringlightpdf
158200for lightguides <5.0mm dialens + filter set£175.00focusing lens & filter setpdf
158205to fit 158210polarization filter£82.50polarization filter for focusing lenspdf
158207for lightguides <5.0mm diahalogen filter£42.00halogen filter for focusing lenspdf
158210for lightguides <5.0mm diafocusing lens£44.00focusing lens without filterpdf
158330up to 5mm diam6 thread£75.00holder for flexible lightguidepdf
158340100mm dia3 x m6 thread£84.00base for kl300 ledpdf
158341to fit 158210lens holder£75.00holder for focusing lenspdf
158345l= 200mm2 x m6 thread£199.00articulating armpdf
1701013.5mm dia / 500mm longsingle arm puravis£120.001 arm gooseneckpdf
1702023.5mm dia / 500mm longdouble arm puravis£226.002 arm gooseneckpdf
1711014.5mm dia / 1000mm longsingle arm puravis£112.001 arm flexiblepdf
1712024.5mm dia / 1000mm longdouble arm puravis£130.002 arm flexiblepdf
172501internal dia 58mmringlight puravis£375.006 point ringlightpdf
172601internal dia 66mmringlight puravis£402.006 point ringlightpdf