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Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms

Right angle prisms are typically used to bend image paths or redirect light at 90°. This produces a left handed image and depending on the orientation of the prism, the image may be inverted or reverted. Right angle prisms can also be used in combination for image/beam displacement. N-BK7 Right Angle Prisms are made from precision N-BK7 for use in a variety of visible light applications.

A right-angle prism may be used as a 90° reflector or 180° retroreflector by means of total internal reflection

Other than minor reflection losses from the entry and exit faces, TIR exhibits 100% reflectivity over a wide wavelength range. The hypotenuse can also be used as a first surface reflector. In this application, the overcoat of black paint should be removed

Right Angle Prisms can be orientated to produce inverted or reverted left handed images,. Two Right Angle Prisms can be used for image or beam displacement applications. These prisms are also referred to as image reflection or reflecting prisms.

We can offer a wide range of Right Angle Prisms in a variety of sizes and substrates, with reflection or anti-reflection coating options. Aluminium coatings are available for the hypotenuse to increase reflectivity. AR (Anti-reflection) coatings are available for the Prism’s faces to decrease reflectivity in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Infrared (IR).

Right Angle prisms can also be manufactured in other substrates including UV Fused Silica, N-SF11, Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), Germanium (Ge), Silicon ( Si) or Zinc Selenide (ZnSe).

Dove Prisms can be used as image rotators.  As light passes through the prism the image is rotated by 180°