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Photopic Eye Response Filter

Photopic Eye Response Filter

Optical Filters

Stock Specification


Photopic eye response filters simulate the human spectral sensitivity and visual perception.

Galvoptics' photopic filters transmit from the optical wavelengths range above 200nm.  Photopic eye response filters pass wavelengths of light in proportion to the eyes' natural response. When used in combination with a broadband source and detector, the transmission is very similar to the human eye spectral response.

The human eye uses cones to sense light in three bands of colour. The pigments of the cones have maximum absorption values at wavelengths of 420 nm (blue), 534 nm (blue-green), and 564 nm (yellow-green).

All listed Photopic eye response filters are made by Galvoptics in the UK. We can manufacture these Photopic filters to any custom size, mounted or unmounted

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
PEF-12.5PHOTOPIC FILTER12.51.5£41.50pdf
PEF25.0PHOTOPIC FILTER25.01.5£48.00pdf
PEF-50.0PHOTOPIC FILTER50.01.5£98.00pdf
PEF-55.0MPHOTOPIC FILTER55.0 MOUNTED1.5 (6mm MOUNT)£246.00pdf