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KL Series Bulbs & Fuses

KL Series Bulbs & Fuses

Schott Cold Light Sources

Stock Specification

Replacement spare Halogen bulbs, lamps and fuses for the SCHOTT KL1500LCD and KL2500LCD Cold Light Sources.

Spare bulbs available from stock for the Schott KL series

  • Schott KL1500 LCD
  • Schott KL1500 Compact - uses 153000 bulb
  • Schott KL1500 HAL          - uses 153000 bulb
  • Schott KL2500 LCD
  • Schott KL200
  • Schott KL750
PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description SpecificationProduct Type Unit Price Data
123100KL200 bulb8v / 20whalogen bulb£16.50
123101KL200 fuse230 v T125makl200 fuse£3.30
153000kl1500 series bulb15v / 150whalogen bulb£21.00
153103kl1500 series fuse120vfuse£4.00
153105kl1500 series fuse230vfuse£4.00
173100KL750 BULB12v / 75whalogen bulb£19.50
253000kl2500lcd bulb24v 250whalogen bulb£26.00
253101kl2500lcd fuse230vfuse£4.00
253103kl2500lcd fuse120vfuse£4.00