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SCHOTT EasyLed System

SCHOTT EasyLed System

Schott Cold Light Sources

Stock Specification

EasyLED Series - Ergonomic illumination for stereo microscopy

Employing the newest technologies, SCHOTT has integrated high brightness LEDs and controller electronics into the head of the illuminators. This saves space on the workbench and allows easy and ergonomic operation, directly on the microscope. There is no need to remove eyes from the eyepieces to find a controller box somewhere on the bench. Continuous dimming and a separate on/off switch keep the settings unchanged for the next day's session.

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description SpecificationProduct Type Unit Price Data
158340base3 x m6 threadeasyled base£59.00pdf
600100spot light systemcontroller + power supply 100 - 240Veasyled£223.00pdf
600120dual spot sysemcontroller + power supply 100 - 240Veasyled£418.00pdf
600200ringlight 66mm int diacontroller + power supply 100 - 240Veasyled ringlight £448.00pdf
600300ringlight 66mm int diacontroller + power supply 100 - 240Veasyled ringlight plus£548.00pdf
600400transmitted light 84mm diacontroller + power supply 100 - 240Vtransmitted light £448.00pdf
600520holding arm for spot300mm - m4 x 0.5easyled holding arm£41.00pdf
600522holding arm for spot300mm - m5easyled holding arm£41.00pdf
600524holding arm for spot300mm - m6easyled holding arm£41.00pdf
600526holding arm for spot300mm - m8easyled holding arm£41.00pdf
600600polarizer for spotpolarizing filtereasyled filter£57.00pdf