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SCHOTT Longpass Filters

SCHOTT Longpass Filters

Optical Filters

Stock Specification

Stock Schott Longpass Filters

A longpass (LP) Filter is a coloured glass filter that attenuates shorter wavelengths and transmits (passes) longer wavelengths over the active range of the target spectrum (ultraviolet, visible, or infrared). 

A band-pass filter  passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates) frequencies outside that range.

We hold stock of raw Schott filter material and can quote for custom sizes


MATERIAL: SCHOTT ® Filter Glass   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø12.5mm ≤ 3 fringes
DIAMETER TOLERANCE: +0.0 / -0.2mm   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø25.0mm ≤ 5 fringes
SQUARE TOLERANCE: ± 0.2mm   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø50.0mm ≤ 8 fringes
THICKNESS TOLERANCE: ± 0.2mm   PARALLELISM: ≤ 3 arc minutes
SURFACE QUALITY: 60/40   EDGES: fine ground




PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
fgg395-12schott gg39512.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
fgg395-25schott gg39525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
fgg395-50schott gg39550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
fgg400-12schott gg40012.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
fgg400-25schott gg40025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
fgg400-50schott gg40050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
fgg420-12schott gg42012.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
fgg420-25schott gg42025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
fgg420-50schott gg42050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
fgg435-12schott gg43512.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
fgg435-25schott gg43525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
fgg435-50schott gg43550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FGG455-12SCHOTT GG45512.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FGG455-25SCHOTT GG45525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FGG455-50SCHOTT GG45550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FGG475-12SCHOTT GG47512.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FGG475-25SCHOTT GG47525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FGG475-50SCHOTT GG47550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FGG495-10SCHOTT GG49510.0 dia3£10.50
FGG495-12SCHOTT GG49512.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FGG495-25SCHOTT GG49525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FGG495-50SCHOTT GG49550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FGG495-6SCHOTT GG4956.0 DIA3.0£10.00
FGG495-75sSCHOTT GG49575.0 SQUARE3.0£82.50
FN-WG280-12SCHOTT N-WG28012.5 DIA3.0£12.00
FN-WG280-25SCHOTT N-WG28025.0 dia3.0£20.00
FN-WG280-50SCHOTT N-WG28050 x 50 square3.0£45.00
FN-WG295-12SCHOTT N-WG29512.5 DIA3.0£12.00
FN-WG295-25SCHOTT N-WG29525.0 Dia3.0£20.00
FN-WG295-50SCHOTT N-WG29550 x 50 square3.0£45.00
FN-WG305-12SCHOTT N-WG30512.5 DIA3.0£12.00
FN-WG305-25SCHOTT N-WG30525.0 Dia3.0£20.00
FN-WG305-50SCHOTT N-WG30550 x 50 square3.0£45.00
FN-WG320-12SCHOTT N-WG32012.5 DIA3.0£12.00
FN-WG320-25SCHOTT N-WG32025.0 Dia3.0£20.00
FN-WG320-50SCHOTT N-WG32050 x 50 square3.0£45.00
FOG515-12SCHOTT OG51512.5 DIA3£12.00pdf
FOG515-25SCHOTT OG51525.0 dia3.0£23.50pdf
FOG515-50SCHOTT OG51550 x 50 square3.0£55.00pdf
FOG530-12SCHOTT OG53012.5 DIA3.0£12.00pdf
FOG530-25SCHOTT OG53025.0 dia3.0£23.50pdf
FOG530-50SCHOTT OG53050 x 50 square3.0£55.00pdf
FOG550-12SCHOTT OG55012.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FOG550-25SCHOTT OG55025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FOG550-50SCHOTT OG55050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FOG570-12SCHOTT OG57012.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FOG570-25SCHOTT OG57025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FOG570-50SCHOTT OG57050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FOG590-12SCHOTT OG59012.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
FOG590-25SCHOTT OG59025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FOG590-50SCHOTT OG59050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
frg1000-12schott rg100012.5 dia3£10.50pdf
frg1000-25schott rg100025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
frg1000-50schott rg100050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FRG610-12SCHOTT RG61012.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FRG610-25SCHOTT RG61025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FRG610-50SCHOTT RG61050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FRG630-12SCHOTT RG63012.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FRG630-25SCHOTT RG63025.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FRG630-50SCHOTT RG63050 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FRG630-50DSCHOTT RG63050.0 DIA3.0£45.00
FRG645-12SCHOTT RG64512.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FRG645-25SCHOTT RG64525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FRG645-50SCHOTT RG64550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
FRG665-12SCHOTT RG66512.5 DIA3.0£10.50pdf
FRG665-25SCHOTT RG66525.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
FRG665-50SCHOTT RG66550 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf
frg695-12schott rg69512.5 dia3.0£12.00pdf
frg695-25schott rg69525.0 dia3.0£20.00pdf
frg695-50schott rg69550 x 50 square3.0£45.00pdf
frg715-12schott rg71512.5 dia3.0£12.95pdf
frg715-25schott rg71525.0 dia3.0£23.50pdf
frg715-50schott rg71550 x 50 square3.0£53.50pdf
frg780-12schott rg78012.5 dia3.0£14.00pdf
frg780-25schott rg78025.0 dia3.0£24.75pdf
frg780-50schott rg78050 x 50 square3.0£55.00pdf
frg830-12schott rg83012.5 dia3.0£15.00pdf
frg830-25schott rg83025.0 dia3.0£25.25pdf
frg830-50schott rg83050 x 50 square3.0£62.00pdf
FRG830-77MSCHOTT RG83077mm MOUNTED S/C3.0£148.00
frg850-12schott rg85012.5 dia3.0£15.00pdf
frg850-25schott rg85025.0 dia3.0£25.25pdf
frg850-50schott rg85050 x 50 square3.0£62.00pdf
frg9-12schott rg912.5 dia3.0£10.50pdf
frg9-25schott rg925.0 dia3.0£18.00pdf
frg9-50schott rg950 x 50 square3.0£42.00pdf