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Ball Lenses - Fused Silica

Ball Lenses - Fused Silica

Optical Lenses

Stock Specification

UV Fused Sillica Ball lenses can be used to improve signal coupling between optical fibre transmitters and detectors. Ball lenses are also used in endoscopy and barcode scanning. Ball lenses feature a short rear focal length, which minimizes the distance required from the ball lens to the optical fibre.


SPHERICITY ± 0.003mm    


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Diameter (MM)Focal LengthThickness (MM) Unit Price Data
L62-001UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS1.000.791.00£35.00
L62-002UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS2.001.592.00£27.00
L62-003UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS3.002.393.00£27.00
L62-004UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS4.003.184.00£29.50
L62-005UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS5.003.985.00£29.50
L62-006UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS6.004.776.00£36.00
L62-007UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS7.005.577.00£36.00
L62-008UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS8.006.368.00£36.00
L62-009UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS9.007.169.00£41.00
L62-010UV FUSED SILICA BALL LENS10.007.9510.00£47.00