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SCHOTT  KG Shortpass Filters

SCHOTT KG Shortpass Filters

Optical Filters

Stock Specification

SCHOTT Shortpass filters - Light of short wavelengths can pass through these filters

The SCHOTT KG series of optical filter glasses are virtually colourless with high transmission in the visible and effective absorption in the IR (heat protection filters)

Schott KG series heat absorbing glass is used to reduce the transmitted heat through an optical system.  

The Schott KG filter glasses  absorb wavelengths in the Infrared IR spectrum. Unlike hot mirrors, which reflect the infrared wavelengths

Schott KG filter glasses can also be used as a shortpass filter, in order to pass the visible and block the IR.

The Schott KG filter glasses absorb infrared radiation and dissipate the heat into the air around the glass. 

  • SCHOTT KG4 *

* PLEASE NOTE: SCHOTT KG4 material is now discontinued and obsolete. We have limited supplies remaining.

All Filters manufactured from GENUINE SCHOTT KG Materials and at the correct thickness of 2.0mm

Filters can be toughened on request

Custom sizes and thickness available on request


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
fkg1-12schott KG1 filter12.5 DIA2.0£9.75pdf
fkg1-25schott kg1 filter25.0 DIA2.0£16.50pdf
fkg1-50schott KG1 filter50 x 50 square2.0£48.00pdf
fkg2-12schott kg2 filter12.5 DIA2.0£9.75pdf
fkg2-25schott kg2 filter25.0 dia2.0£16.50pdf
fkg2-50schott kg2 filter50 x 50 square2.0£48.00pdf
fkg3-12schott kg3 filter12.5 DIA2.0£9.75pdf
fkg3-25schott kg3 filter25.0 dia2.0£16.50pdf
fkg3-50schott kg3 filter50 x 50 square2.0£52.00pdf
fkg4-12schott kg4 filter12.5 DIA2.0£21.00
fkg4-25schott kg4 filter25.0 dia2.0£28.00
fkg4-50schott kg4 filter50 x 50 square2.0£74.50
fkg5-12schott kg5 filter12.5 DIA2.0£9.75pdf
fkg5-25schott kg5 filter25.0 dia2.0£16.50pdf
fkg5-50schott kg5 filter50 x 50 square2.0£55.00pdf