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BALZERS Dichroic Filter

BALZERS Dichroic Filter

Optical Filters

Stock Specification

BALZERS Dichroic filters / mirrors meet very narrow spectral band edge tolerances, highest degree of spectral stability and very low residual optical absorption loss. The BALZERS dichroic filters/mirrors are produced with a unique sputtering deposition process, providing very dense filter coatings with excellent optical and mechanical stability, both at higher operating temperatures and under varying environmental conditions.

BALZERS Dichrolight™ color filters are mainly used in the fields of entertainment and architectural lighting.The Optics Balzers’ Dichrolight™ filters feature highly saturated colors, temperature-independent spectral characteristics, optimum mechanical and thermal stability and close tolerance color characteristics.


We hold stocks of BALZERS Dichrolight sheets and can produce filters to any custom size or shape.

Please contact us for a quote.

 BALZERS Dichrolight are also referred to as UNAXIS Dichrolight and OERLIKON Dichrolight filters

Specifications for the BALZERS Dichrolight range can be found here   PDF  

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
B42-50 blueBALZERS B42 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
b46-50 bluebalzers b46 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
b51-50 bluebalzers b51 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
c54-50 cyanbalzers c54 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
g49/59 -50 greenbalzers g49/59 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
g50/55-50 greenbalzers g50/55 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
g51/56-25D greenbalzers g51/56 filter25mm DIAMETER1.0£20.00pdf
g51/56-50 greenbalzers g51/56 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
m47/63-50 magentabalzers m47/63 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
m49/65-50 magentabalzers m49/65 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf
o56-50 orangebalzers 056 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
o59-50 orangebalzers o59 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
p47/58-50 pinkbalzers p47/5850 x 50 square1.0£28.00
r61-50 redbalzers r61 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
r65-50 redbalzers r65 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
t48/53 turquoisebalzers t48/53 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
TK-32-FSBALZERS TK-32160 x 110mm1.1£285.75
y52-50 yellowbalzers y52 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00
y54-50 yellowbalzers y54 filter50 x 50 square1.0£28.00pdf