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KL300 LED Lightguides & Accessories

KL300 LED Lightguides & Accessories

Schott Cold Light Sources

Stock Specification

Below are a list of Gooseneck and Flexible lightguides and accessories for the SCHOTT KL300 LED cold light source


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description SpecificationProduct Type Unit Price Data
120220Mounting bracketto fit column 20mm diacolumn mount£36.00
120225Mounting bracketto fit column 25mm diacolumn mount£36.00pdf
120229Mounting bracketto fit column 30mm diacolumn mount£36.00pdf
120232Mounting bracketto fit column 32mm diacolumn mount£36.00pdf
120235Mounting bracketto fit column 35mm diacolumn mount£36.00pdf
120250Mounting bracketto fit base 158340base mount bracket£50.00pdf
1204021 arm gooseneck + 1 arm flexible3.5 / 500mm + 5.0 / 600use with 122150 tl stage£172.00pdf
1211011 arm flexible4.5mm dia / 600mm longsingle arm puravis£53.00pdf
122150flexible light guides for insert dia 84mmfo light guides up to dia 5mmtransmitted light stage£148.00
157040annular ringlightinternal dia 40mmringlight puravis£520.00pdf
157600transmitted light stagefor base plate dia 100mmTLS adapter dia 84£85.00
157610transmitted light stagefor base plate dia 120mmTLS adapter dia 84£85.00
157620transmitted light stagefor base plate dia 180mmTLS adapter dia 84£110.00
157630transmitted light stagefor base plate dia 90mmTLS adapter dia 84£85.00
158200focusing lens & filter setfor lightguides <5.0mm dialens + filter set£175.00pdf
158205polarization filter for focusing lensto fit 158210polarization filter£82.50pdf
158207halogen filter for focusing lensfor lightguides <5.0mm diahalogen filter£42.00pdf
158210focusing lens without filterfor lightguides <5.0mm diafocusing lens£44.00pdf
158330holder for flexible lightguideup to 5mm diam6 thread£75.00pdf
158340base for kl300 led100mm dia3 x m6 thread£84.00pdf
158341holder for focusing lensto fit 158210lens holder£75.00pdf
158345articulating arml= 200mm2 x m6 thread£199.00pdf
158500polarizer set for tlspolarizing filter attachment twistablefor transmitted light stage£152.00
158505polarizer set for tlsanalyzer m49x0,75for polarizing filter attachment£135.00
158510polarizer set for tlsanalyzer m52x1for polarizing filter attachment£135.00
1701011 arm gooseneck3.5mm dia / 500mm longsingle arm puravis£120.00pdf
1702022 arm gooseneck3.5mm dia / 500mm longdouble arm puravis£226.00pdf
1711011 arm flexible4.5mm dia / 1000mm longsingle arm puravis£112.00pdf
1712022 arm flexible4.5mm dia / 1000mm longdouble arm puravis£130.00pdf
1725016 point ringlightinternal dia 58mmringlight puravis£375.00pdf
1726016 point ringlightinternal dia 66mmringlight puravis£402.00pdf