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Toughened Windows

Toughened Windows

Optical Windows

Stock Specification

We can offer Toughened Optical Windows in various materials such as BK7 ( N-BK7 ) Borosilicate ( Borofloat ) Sodalime Green Plate glass.

Galvoptics standard rangee of toughened glass windows are produced by the Thermal Toughening method of subjecting annealed glass to a process of heating and rapid cooling which produces high compression in the surface. This results in the Toughened window with a  mechanical strength that can be increased by as much as four to five times that of its equivalent thickness of annealed glass.

We can also offer the chemical toughening process which is better suited for thinner glass.

We can offer toughened windows manufactured in square, circular, rectangular shapes in materials such as BK7, Sodalime float glasses, Borosilicate and other optical glasses.

We can supply small sample runs and full production quantities made to BS3463 British Standards

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
WBT-025-008Toughened Borosilicate25.0 diameter8.0£25.00
WBT-030-008Toughened Borosilicate30.0 diameter8.0£28.50
WPT-054-003TOUGHENED SODALIME54.0 diameter3.2£12.00