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IPL Lightguides

IPL Lightguides

IPL Optics

Stock Specification

IPL Lightguide glass blocks are the contact point with the skin during IPL procedures. They are used to transmit the light being being flashed at the appropriate wavelength, through the applicator, and onto the treatment area.

Lightguides can either have a flat or cylindrical radius along the full length of the surface that comes into contact with the patient's skin.

All faces, bevels and chamfers are fully polished to ensure there is no possibiblity of skin damage during the treatment process.

Standard IPL Lightguides are manufactured from BK7 optical glass. We also manufacture in Fused Silica on request

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Specification Unit Price Data
IPL-B48-10IPL Lightguide47.8 x 42 x 10BK7 IPL BLOCK - CYLINDRICAL£19.50pdf

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