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GELATIN Neutral Density ND Filters

GELATIN Neutral Density ND Filters

Optical Filters

Stock Specification

GELATIN Neutral Density Filters can be used in image forming optical systems to reduce light intensity in the visible spectrum without changing the spectral profile.

Gelatin Neutral Density Filters transmit the infrared spectrum, neutrality is controlled only in the visible spectrum. All ND filters are 0.1mm in thickness.

Gelatin Filters offer a low cost solution compared to glass ND filters

Please see below for Optical Density / transmission values

Custom sizes available on request

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
GF-0.05ND-1000.05ND FILTER 89% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.05ND-250.05ND FILTER 89% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.05ND-500.05ND FILTER 89% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.05ND-750.05ND FILTER 89% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.15ND-1000.15ND FILTER 71% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.15ND-250.15ND FILTER 71% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.15ND-500.15ND FILTER 71% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.15ND-750.15ND FILTER 71% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.1ND-1000.1ND FILTER 80% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.1ND-250.1ND FILTER 80% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.1ND-500.1ND FILTER 80% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.1ND-750.1ND FILTER 80% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.2ND-1000.2ND FILTER 63% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.2ND-250.2ND FILTER 63% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.2ND-500.2ND FILTER 63% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.2ND-750.2ND FILTER 63% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.3ND-1000.3ND FILTER 50% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.3ND-250.3ND FILTER 50% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.3ND-500.3ND FILTER 50% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.3ND-750.3ND FILTER 50% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.4ND-1000.4ND FILTER 40% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.4ND-250.4ND FILTER 40% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.4ND-500.4ND FILTER 40% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.4ND-750.4ND FILTER 40% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.5ND-1000.5ND FILTER 32% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.5ND-250.5ND FILTER 32% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.5ND-500.5ND FILTER 32% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.5ND-750.5ND FILTER 32% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.6ND-250.6ND FILTER 25% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.6ND-500.6ND FILTER 25% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.6ND-750.6ND FILTER 25% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.7ND-1000.7ND FILTER 20% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.7ND-250.7ND FILTER 20% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.7ND-500.7ND FILTER 20% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.7ND-750.7ND FILTER 20% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.8ND-1000.8ND FILTER 16% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.8ND-250.8ND FILTER 16% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.8ND-500.8ND FILTER 16% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.8ND-750.80.8ND FILTER 16% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-0.9ND-1000.9ND FILTER 13% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-0.9ND-250.9ND FILTER 13% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-0.9ND-500.9ND FILTER 13% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-0.9ND-750.9ND FILTER 13% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-1.0ND-1001.0ND FILTER 10% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-1.0ND-251.0ND FILTER 10% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-1.0ND-501.0ND FILTER 10% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-1.0ND-751.0ND FILTER 10% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-1.5ND-1001.5ND FILTER 3.2% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-1.5ND-110x751.5ND FILTER 3.2% TRANSMISSION110 x 75mm0.1£110.00
GF-1.5ND-251.5ND FILTER 3.2% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-1.5ND-501.5ND FILTER 3.2% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-1.5ND-751.5ND FILTER 3.2% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-2.0ND-1002.0ND FILTER 1.0% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-2.0ND-110x752.0ND FILTER 1.0% TRANSMISSION110 x 75mm0.1£110.00
GF-2.0ND-252.0ND FILTER 1.0% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-2.0ND-502.0ND FILTER 1.0% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-2.0ND-752.0ND FILTER 1.0% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-2.5ND-1002.5ND FILTER 0.3% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-2.5ND-252.5ND FILTER 0.3% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-2.5ND-502.5ND FILTER 0.3% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-2.5ND-752.5ND FILTER 0.3% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-3.0ND-1003.0ND FILTER 0.1% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-3.0ND-253.0ND FILTER 0.1% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-3.0ND-503.0ND FILTER 0.1% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-3.0ND-753.0ND FILTER 0.1% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00
GF-4.0ND-1004.0ND FILTER 0.01% TRANSMISSION100.0 SQUARE0.1£98.00
GF-4.0ND-254.0ND FILTER 0.01% TRANSMISSION25.0 SQUARE0.1£11.00
GF-4.0ND-504.0ND FILTER 0.01% TRANSMISSION50.0 SQUARE0.1£28.00
GF-4.0ND-754.0ND FILTER 0.01% TRANSMISSION75.0 SQUARE0.1£68.00