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Germanium Windows Anti-Reflection Coated

Germanium Windows Anti-Reflection Coated

Germanium windows, DLC coated and AR anti reflection coated  Ge windows available from stock

We offer AR ( antireflection ) coatings for the 7-14 & 8-14um region These can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications We hold stock of AR / DLC diamond / carbon coatings. Our Germanium ( Ge )windows are used in FLIR thermal imaging and survailence systems.

Germanium (Ge) optics are commonly found in Thermal Imaging Systems, and FLIR applications due to its high transmission in the 8µm to 12µm region.

Our Germanium Optics are available as standard with an Anti reflection / DLC hard carbon coating for 8-12µm 

Specific coatings applied to stock Germanium windows are listed below 

Custom coatings are available on our Germanium windows on request

NOTE: Items ending with SO are special order and might not be available immediately from stock. Please contact us to check

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