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SCHOTT Suprax Telescope Mirror Blank - Ground

SCHOTT Suprax Telescope Mirror Blank - Ground

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Stock Specification

SCHOTT SUPRAX® Low expansion Ground Telescope blank. Our low expansion telescope mirror blanks are available online. Sometimes referred to as Pyrex or borosilicate.

These have been ground to:

  • 296mm (11½ ~12")  Diameter -  40mm thick
  • 159mm (6¼") Diameter - 40mm thick
  • 400mm (15¾ ~16") diameter 40 - 45mm thick

The Schott Suprax material is perfectly suited as a Low Expansion Telescope Mirror Blank

Please contact us for custom sizes

PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Product TypeThickness (MM)Specification Unit Price Data
GTB-159-40-SG159mm diaTELESCOPE BLANK40mmSuprax fine ground£125.00
GTB-296-40-SG296mm diaTELESCOPE BLANK40mmSuprax fine ground£270.00
GTB-400-40-SG400mm diaTELESCOPE BLANK40 ~ 45mmSuprax fine ground£410.00

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SCHOTT Suprax Telescope Mirror Blank - Cast

PART NO.QTYBASKETQUOTEProduct TypeThickness (MM)SpecificationUnit PriceDescriptionData
GTB-300-50-SCtelescope blank50mmmoulded cast blank£175.00300mm diameterpdf