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HOYA Light Balancing Filters

HOYA Light Balancing Filters

Optical Filters

Stock Specification

Hoya Light Balancing filters are used for gradually increasing or decreasing the transmittance in the visible range.
This type of filter is used for converting or controlling colour temperature in photography. By adjusting the polished thickness we can create a filter with the capacity for any colour temperature conversion.  We have large stocks of raw material and are able to offer these in any size up to 165mm square. We also have stock of the obsolete LB60 LB-60 Hoya light balancing material.

HOYA Light Balancing LA Series:

HOYA Light Balancing LB Series

  • LA20

  • LA40

  • LA60

  • LA80

  • LA100

  • LA120

  • LA140

  • LA200

  • LB20

  • LB40

  • LB60

  • LB80

  • LB100

  • LB120

  • LB145

  • LB165

  • LB200



Raw Material is held in stock - Custom sizes available


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
HLA-100-50HOYA LA10050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLA-100-50-2HOYA LA10050 x 50 square2.0£65.00
HLA-120-40HOYA LA12040 x 40 square2.0£42.00
HLA-120-50HOYA LA12050 x 50 square2.9£65.00
HLA-140-50HOYA LA14050 x 50 square2.0£65.00
HLA-200-25-DHOYA LA20025.0mm DIA2.5£52.00
HLA-200-50HOYA LA20050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLA-20-50HOYA LA2050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLA-40-25-DHOYA LA4025.0mm DIA2.5£68.00
HLA-40-50HOYA LA4050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLA-60-50HOYA LA6050 x 50 square2.7£65.00
HLA-80-50HOYA LA8050 x 50 square2.0£65.00
HLB-100-25-DHOYA LB10025.0mm DIA2.5£52.00
HLB-100-50HOYA LB10050 x 50 square2.2£65.00
HLB-120-50HOYA LB12050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLB-145-50HOYA LB14550 x 50 square2.5£80.00
HLB-165-50HOYA LB16550 x 50 square2.5£80.00
HLB-200-25-DHOYA LB20025.0mm DIA2.5£68.00
HLB-200-50HOYA LB20050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLB-20-50HOYA LB2050 x 50 square2.7£65.00
HLB-40-50HOYA LB4050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
HLB-40-50-2HOYA LB4050 x 50 square2.15£65.00
HLB-60-12-DHOYA LB6012.5 DIA2.5£23.50
HLB-60-25-DHOYA LB6025 DIA2.5£35.00
HLB-60-50HOYA LB6050 x 50 square2.5£80.00
HLB-80-50HOYA LB8050 x 50 square2.5£65.00
hoya-lb20-multi6pc FILTER SET27mm mounted2.5£337.25