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HOYA W-Series Sharp Cut Filters

HOYA W-Series Sharp Cut Filters

Optical Filters

Stock Specification



HOYA now have a W series of newly developed and released sharp cut filters with top quality and excellent optical performance.
Designed and developed to meet the growing demand for new products that are equivalent to European standard.
The ″W series″ meets the requirements of the market in all aspects. You can expect the same top quality and excellent optical performance from new series as our standard HOYA filter products.

The HOYA W series of optical sharp cut longpass filter material also have an industry leading wavelength tolerance of ±5nm for filters up to W-R695

All HOYA W series filters are made from GENIUNE HOYA Material

Custom sizes available on request - from low quantity prototype to large run volume production quantities

MATERIAL: HOYA ® W Series Filter Glass   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø12.5mm ≤ 3 fringes
DIAMETER TOLERANCE: +0.0 / -0.2mm   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø25.0mm ≤ 5 fringes
SQUARE TOLERANCE: ± 0.2mm   SURFACE QUALITY: Ø50.0mm ≤ 8 fringes
THICKNESS TOLERANCE: ± 0.2mm   PARALLELISM: ≤ 3 arc minutes
SURFACE QUALITY: 60/40   EDGES: fine ground



PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Dimensions (MM)Thickness (MM) Unit Price Data
hw-ir760-12hoya W-ir760 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-ir760-25hoya W-ir760 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-ir760-50hoya W-ir760 filter50 x 50 square3.0£31.00
hw-ir780-12hoya W-ir780 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-ir780-25hoya W-ir780 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-ir780-50hoya W-ir780 filter50 x 50 square3.0£31.00
hw-ir800-12hoya W-ir800 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-ir800-25hoya W-ir800 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-ir800-50hoya W-ir800 filter50 x 50 square3.0£31.00
hw-ir830-12hoya W-ir830 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-ir830-25hoya W-ir830 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-ir830-50hoya W-ir830 filter50 x 50 square3.0£31.00
hw-ir850-12hoya W-ir850 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-ir850-25hoya W-ir850 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-ir850-50hoya W-ir850 filter50 x 50 square3.0£31.00
hw-l420-12hoya w-l420 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.50
hw-l420-25hoya w-l420 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-l420-50hoya w-l420 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-o530-12hoya w-o530 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-o530-25hoya w-o530 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-o530-50hoya w-o530 filter50 x 50 square3£25.75
hw-o550-12hoya w-o550 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.50
hw-o550-25hoya w-o550 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-o550-50hoya w-o550 filter25.0 dia3.0£25.75
hw-o570-12hoya w-o570 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-o570-25hoya w-o570 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-o570-50hoya w-o570 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-o590-12hoya w-o590 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.50
hw-o590-25hoya w-o590 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-o590-50hoya w-o590 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-r610-12hoya W-r610 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.50pdf
hw-r610-25hoya W-r610 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25pdf
hw-r610-50hoya W-r610 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75pdf
hw-r630-12hoya W-r630 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-r630-25hoya W-r630 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-r630-50hoya W-r630 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-r645-12hoya W-r645 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-r645-25hoya W-r645 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-r645-50hoya W-r645 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-r665-12hoya W-r665 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-r665-25hoya W-r665 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-r665-50hoya W-r665 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-r695-12hoya W-r695 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-r695-25hoya W-r695 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-r695-50hoya W-r695 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-r715-12hoya W-r715 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-r715-25hoya W-r715 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-r715-50hoya W-r715 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-y435-12hoya w-y435 filter12.5 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y435-25hoya w-y435 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y435-50hoya w-y435 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-y455-12hoya w-y455 filter12.5 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y455-25hoya w-y455 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y455-50hoya w-y455 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-y475-12hoya w-y475 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-y475-25hoya w-y475 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y475-50hoya w-y475 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-y495-12hoya w-y495 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-y495-25hoya w-y495 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y495-50hoya w-y495 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75
hw-y515-12hoya w-y515 filter12.5 dia3.0£9.75
hw-y515-25hoya w-y515 filter25.0 dia3.0£14.25
hw-y515-50hoya w-y515 filter50 x 50 square3.0£25.75