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Gooseneck Lightguides KL1500 / KL1600 / KL2500

Gooseneck Lightguides KL1500 / KL1600 / KL2500

Schott Cold Light Sources

Stock Specification

Gooseneck lightguides for:

  •  SCHOTT KL1500 LCD   •  SCHOTT KL1500 LED
  •  SCHOTT KL2500 LCD   •  SCHOTT KL2500 LED


SCHOTT Gooseneck Light Guides Features Flex and stay light guides. Black laquered semi-rigid gooseneck tubing. Focussing optics with color filter option available. Manufactured in the EU. Benefits Precise positioning offers complete control of light placement. Gooseneck branches positioned in opposite directions create near shadow-free illumination. Re-adjust with ease. Dual models illuminate workspace with a single light source.


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description SpecificationProduct Type Unit Price Data
1541011 arm gooseneck4.5mm dia / 600mm longsingle puravis£140.00pdf
1542022 arm gooseneck4.5mm dia / 600mm longdouble puravis£275.00pdf
1543023 arm gooseneck4.5mm dia / 600mm longtriple puravis£442.00pdf
1704023 arm combi4.5mm dia / 500 + 800MM flexibledouble + combi puravis£342.00pdf

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Flexible Lightguides KL1500 / KL1600 / KL2500

PART NO.QTYBASKETQUOTESpecificationProduct TypeUnit PriceDescriptionData
1551005.0mm dia / 1000mm longsingle puravis£165.001 arm flexiblepdf
1551013.0mm dia / 1000mm longkl1500 lcd only£138.001 arm flexiblepdf
1551038.0mm dia / 1000mm longsingle puravis£273.001 arm flexiblepdf
1551049.0mm dia / 1000mm longsingle puravis£242.001 arm flexiblepdf
1552044.5mm dia / 1000mm longdouble puravis£240.002 arm flexible
1552054.5mm dia / 1600mm longdouble puravis£291.002 arm flexible
1552064.5mm dia / 1000mm longtriple puravis£435.003 arm flexible