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Telescope Mirror Coating - Secondary

Telescope Mirror Coating - Secondary

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Secondary Diagonal Flat Telescope Mirror coating service from Galvoptics Ltd

Sometimes referred to Secondary, diagonal or flat mirrors, these mirrors are measured across the smaller 'minor' axis.

Please see our Primary Mirror Coating page for more comprehensive details on our coating service ans shipping costs


We have been coating Telescope mirrors for over 40 years. Often referred to as aluminising, re-aluminising, coating, re-coating, silvering or re-silvering

  • Please see prices below for our Seconday Telescope mirror coating service, price includes removal of old coating if this is applicable*
  • Prices are shown for mirrors of different minor axis (M/A)  measurements.
  • A 36mm M/A mirror would need the COATING-035-SEC service for 30 - 40mm Secondary Mirrors



All secondary mirrors sent to us for re-aluminising are coated by our experienced staff in our own Coating Department.

All our mirrors are QUARTZ OVERCOATED and this is included in the quoted price.

*it is possible in some cases that the mirror substrate can become damaged from prolonged exposure to harsh conditions. In these cases the standard stripping process will not be sufficient to remove the substrate damage. We will try to advise if this is likely before commencing the coating process.


PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Product TypeThickness (MM)Specification Unit Price Data
coating-025-sec20 - 30mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£15.00
coating-035-sec30 - 40mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£23.00
coating-045-sec40 - 50mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£27.00
coating-055-sec50 - 60mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£31.00
coating-065-sec60 - 70mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£37.00
coating-075-sec70 - 80mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£45.00
coating-085-sec80 - 90mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£50.00
coating-095-sec90 - 100mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£55.00
coating-115-sec100 - 125mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£64.00
coating-135-sec125 - 150mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£75.00
coating-175-sec150 - 200mm m/aAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£99.00