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Telescope Mirror Coating - Primary

Telescope Mirror Coating - Primary

Telescope Products & Services

Stock Specification

Primary Telescope Mirror coating service from Galvoptics Ltd

We have been coating Primary Telescope mirrors for over 40 years. Often referred to as aluminising, re-aluminising, coating, re-coating, silvering or re-silvering

To order our Telescope Mirror re-coating service, please choose the correct process for your Primary Mirror size and Secondary mirror if this is also required.

If you are sending your mirror to us, please pack this very carefully and allow enough protection above, below and to all sides in the event the box is dropped during transit.

Please include your full contact details in the package and if possible a copy of your Order Confirmation. We will email you once your mirror has arrived.

If you wish to bring your mirror to us for coating please contact us in advance to let us know when you will be arriving.


  • Please see prices below for our Primary Telescope mirror coating service, price includes removal of old aluminium coating if this is applicable*
  • Prices are shown for mirrors of different thicknesses, if ordering this service online please choose the correct thickness service for your mirror.
  • This process is not suited to mirrors with an inconel base coat**

Shipping costs are

  • £7.50 for orders of value up to £50
  • £9.50 for orders of value £50 - £100
  • £10.50 for orders of value £100+ to £250
  • £12.50 for orders of value £250+
  • If you wish to COLLECT your mirror please TICK the COLLECTION box in the Checkout process
  • Shipping cost is calculated at checkout. VAT is not included in either shipping or Coating costs

Secondary Mirror pricing can be found at the bottom of the page. For further information, please see our Secondary Mirror page



All the mirrors sent to us for re-aluminising are coated by our experienced staff in our own Coating Department.

All our mirrors are QUARTZ OVERCOATED and this is included in the quoted price.


 Our vacuum coating chambers have rotary work holders, which rotate your mirror whilst we evaporate the aluminium and quartz. This means that you have the most even coating available

 We advise against trying to remove the old coating on your mirror yourself, as this can quite easily mark the surface. We will remove your old coating with a mild acidic solution WITHOUT harming the polished surface. We DO NOT charge for the removal of the old coating.

All mirrors we coat are returned in a special acid free tissue, which we advise you to keep for storage of your mirror when not in use

Please protect VERY CAREFULLY the surface to be coated when sending a mirror to us for aluminizing or re-aluminising

*it is possible in some cases that the mirror substrate can become damaged from prolonged exposure to harsh conditions. In these cases the standard stripping process will not be sufficient to remove the substrate damage. We will try to advise if this is likely before commencing the coating process.
**If the mirror has an inconel base coat then it is highly likely that the standard stripping proceedure will not be able to remove this.
    It remains the customers responsibility to ensure the mirror sent to us is suitable for our strip and recoat proceedure.
PART NO. QTY BASKET QUOTE Description Product TypeThickness (MM)Specification Unit Price Data
coating-150-thin6" (152mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmStrip & Re-coat£62.00
coating-150-thk6" (152mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£78.00
coating-200-thin8" (203mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£85.00
coating-200-thk8" (203mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£99.00
COATING-225-THIN9" (228MM~)Aluminium + SiOUP TO 35MMstrip & re-coat£110.00
coating-250-thin10" (254mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£120.00
coating-250-thk10" (254mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£139.00
coating-300-thin12" (305mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£140.00
coating-300-thk12" (305mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£160.00
coating-350-thin14" (355mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£162.00
coating-350-thk14" (355mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£180.00
coating-400-thin16" (406mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£175.00
coating-400-thk16" (406mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£198.00
coating-450-thin18" (457mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£200.00
coating-450-thk18" (457mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£220.00
coating-500-thin20" (508mm~)Aluminium + SiOup to 35mmstrip & re-coat£275.00
coating-500-thk20" (508mm~)Aluminium + SiO35mm to 52mmstrip & re-coat£298.00

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Telescope Mirror Coating - Secondary

PART NO.QTYBASKETQUOTEProduct TypeThickness (MM)SpecificationUnit PriceDescriptionData
coating-025-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£15.0020 - 30mm m/a
coating-035-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£23.0030 - 40mm m/a
coating-045-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£27.0040 - 50mm m/a
coating-055-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£31.0050 - 60mm m/a
coating-065-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£37.0060 - 70mm m/a
coating-075-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£45.0070 - 80mm m/a
coating-085-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£50.0080 - 90mm m/a
coating-095-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£55.0090 - 100mm m/a
coating-115-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£64.00100 - 125mm m/a
coating-135-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£75.00125 - 150mm m/a
coating-175-secAluminium + SiOn/astrip & re-coat£99.00150 - 200mm m/a